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Tips and tricks on how you can have more energy, build better relationships and feel connected.

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About Me

I believe that great communication skills and having the tools to "turn people's lights on"  are the key to building happy relationships. Happy relationships can make businesses great and can also solve a lot of the problems we see in our world today. 

I'm the founder of Turn Lights On, a company which improves communication in organisations by focusing on improving the quality of human connection. 

    I have 
a proven track record of making measurable improvements within organisations in areas such as communication, digital detox, performance, stress management, workforce engagement, presentation skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 

I've designed and delivered programmes for lots of different companies and organisations such as Sony, GE, the Office for National Statistics, Admiral plc and the NHS.  

I love working in organisations but I'm always a little disappointed to leave the people that I have worked with hence me starting The Lighthouse. This means I can make sure that people stay on track. 

Why You Should Join The Lighthouse 

Turn Lights On has helped thousands of people be happier, healthier, and confident communicators. It gives people tools, ideas and for regular visitors to The Lighthouse gives them a sense of purpose and belonging. We share and practice together so you can keep on track together. We encourage and support you to learn how you can switch off and wake up to what is happening now! 

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"I check The Light House app every day to practice gratitude because it sets me up for the day" 

"Georgina's articles are real and not cheesy at all, I always feel like I have learnt a new skill or idea that helps me with my job "

"The Lighthouse has helped me to reflect on what I have and worry less" 

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